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Frequently asked questions about site acceleration

The most important questions we receive every day

How does your service differ from Google PageSpeedand other similar services?

СServers of our service are located in Russia, unlike Google, whose servers are located in Europe, and all the speed checking tests are coming from Switzerland or other EU countries. Our loading speed tests are performed from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and other cities of Russia.

Can we automatically check the speed of the site with your service from Russia?

Yes, you can. We have site speed monitoring. Now we can monitor sites from several cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and a few European countries. Our tariffs are flexible and our prices start from 950 rubles per month. Write to sale@loading.express,request a call backor leave your number inthe format the bottom of the site.

How many seconds should the site load?

Normal site loading speed is up to 3 seconds. However, this indicator is divided into the response from the server (up to 0.5 seconds) and the rendering of the first content (up to 1 second).

I have my own programmer, how could you help me?

For you we have a service of technical implementation of our recommendations. Here's what it will look like:

  1. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your site;
  2. We will write a report that will provide a step-by-step guide to acceleration;
  3. We will consult your programmers and check their work. We will give you a list of clear actions to optimize site performance.

If you do what's in our report, your site will load at all speed standards.

What does your data mean? How can I interpret it?

There is a question mark next to each parameterWhen you click on it, you will get a detailed description of each parameter. In case of difficulty or questions, you can contact us – we will tell you all about it and provide solutions to improve your performance.

Do you speed up the mobile version of the site too?

Of course. Mobile traffic is already exceeding desktop traffic. We pay attention to the mobile loading speed primarily. You may notice that our service checks the loading speed of the mobile version of the site.

What is the result of acceleration you guarantee?

It is quite difficult to predict the results of website acceleration, because the results depend on the source data. In each individual case we will give our special guarantees and recommendations for you and your programmers.

Do you work under a contract? Do you accept non-cash payments?

We work under a contract only and accept non-cash payments. You will get the signed original documents after the contract is fulfilled. We will also expect our signed copies from you. Before we get to work, you will need to scan the necessary documents and send them to us.

What if my programmers break your acceleration?

Yes, we are often asked this question. And such apprehension is quite reasonable. That's why we guarantee the result of the site acceleration up to 45 days. During this period, we will help you maintain the loading speed of your site under all circumstances.

Will I be able to update the site/template/topic after acceleration?

You will be able to update both the version of your content management system and plugins., you will be able to update the plugins. In each case, there are different nuances that we will clarify with you before we start the work.

We guarantee to speed up your site in 3 days

Contract, the guarantee and humane approach are attached. Who we are?

Alexey Makhmetkhazhiyev - Marketer since LOADING.express
Alexey Makhmetkhazhiyevв
Marketer since 2007

Alexey started as a SEO-specialist. He succeeded in mining traffic from search engines and went further, developing in analytics. Cause when you get a ton of visitors to your site, you need to convert them into buyers!

Usability and conversions are what Alexey specializes in today. Generating and testing of hypotheses based on behavioral analytics is a complex and unique process for each type of business. The experience gained by Alexey over 13 years of practice is now worth tens of thousands of dollars. This kind of specialists are called Growth Hackers abroad, which means "Explosive marketing.

Over the course of his career, Alexey has helped more than 1100 projects in 8 countries. And this is just the beginning for him.

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